Our Product Avena POLACA is a dairy drink made with 100% fresh milk, cereals and sugar, without the presence of colorants or preservatives, making this a completely natural, delicious, healthy and nutritious product.

Each of its ingredients must go through rigorous selection controls in order to guarantee the standards required to obtain a top quality product, and offer our consumers the best experience of enjoying a delicious glass of Avena POLACA.


At Avena POLACA, we have been for 20 years
committed to giving you the best, for
that our value chain guarantees
the highest quality of our products.


CUP 180G
Personal use


CUP 430G
Personal use


Bottle 1/2 LITRO
For 2 persons


Bottle 1 LITRO
For 6 persons

Gluten free


Milk is a healthy food and is considered one of the most complete and irreplaceable natural foods due to its great nutritional value.

It provides important benefits to the body thanks to its main components, which are: proteins, vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium.

These are essential in all stages of life, because they fulfill functions such as: strengthening the immune system, participating in the production of hormones and enzymes, maintaining and repairing body tissues and contributing to the functioning of the nervous system.

Cereal is a staple in the diet. They contain abundant carbohydrates and fiber, as well as proteins, vitamins B1 and B2 and substances and minerals such as calcium and iron.

It is important to include cereals in the diet, they provide us with fiber, important nutrients and the energy necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

The main function of sugar is to provide the energy that our body needs for the functioning of different organs, such as the brain and muscles, essential functionality throughout life and physiological situations. Only the brain is responsible for 20% of the energy consumption from glucose, although it is also necessary as an energy source for all tissues in the body.

Made with
100% Natural milk

Without colorants,
nor preservatives

Calcium and