“Persistence can turn failure into extraordinary achievement.”
Matt biondi

Sport has been the way to contribute to the community, encouraging physical activities and avoiding sedentary lifestyles. For this reason, at Avena POLACA we permanently support and promote sport at different levels. In addition to the benefits that sports activity has on health, it provides the opportunity for young people to seek healthy, recreational and safe alternatives.
We are convinced that sport is a factor of change for society, which instills important life values ​​from childhood, such as: teamwork, reward for effort, the realization of dreams, companionship and competitiveness, among others.
Our sporting contribution has been mainly in the disciplines of MTB and Road Cycling in which we have had representation in the most important competitions in the country, and in Children’s Soccer where we have participated with some teams in the region.
We hope to continue participating in sports activities in the coming years, until we consolidate new projects that involve other disciplines, and greater challenges.