The company has undertaken a change in the business line, now you can find our products for retail sale, in bakeries, stores, mini markets, gas stations and other points of purchase.

We invite you to look for us at our new points of purchase, you will find us in packaged presentations, with the same quality and flavor as always-
Thanks to the contribution of our commercial partners, we have managed to grow and consolidate ourselves as one of the most beloved companies in Ecuador, allowing us to reach each of our consumers through their commercial management, which has strengthened our brand presence in different parts of the country. , being part of the development and growth of hundreds of Ecuadorian families that work with us.

Avena POLACA has become a fundamental pillar of the Ecuadorian economy during the last 20 years, where it has managed to consolidate the growth of hundreds of micro entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and members of the productive chain, through its social contribution, commercialization , promotion and sale of the products of the brand and its allies.

We acknowledge their important work and effort during the last months of greatest conjuncture due to the health emergency, and through them we thank all those people who are part of the great family of Avena POLACA.